Here’s How To Make Your Own Microwave Popcorn

Netflix, chill, indulge and save money!

As parents, getting out of the house to go on a date is a whole lot more of a struggle. There are way less spontaneous day trips, late nightcaps at the bar with the good music, and everything has to be planned out in advance now. If you want to leave the house, you have to find someone you trust who can watch the kids and then comes all the advanced planning. You have to have a back up if the kids get sick, if the babysitter cancels, and anything else that can come up.

It’s no wonder parents are looking more to have their date nights at home instead of leaving the house. There is so much less planning and back up planning that has to go into it and it can be just as relaxing and romantic.

If you’re going to be watching a movie at home instead of going out, one of the things that helps the experience be the best it can be is the snacks — specifically the popcorn. It’s a must-have when you go to the theater, but you can have it at home, too!

Making microwave popcorn at home isn’t as hard and complicated as you might think. If you have these ingredients at home, all you need is a great movie, good company, and about 5 minutes before the movie starts.

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Here’s how to do it:

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