People Are Piercing Their Fingers Now Instead Of Getting Wedding Rings

Probably better than a tattoo

There are a lot of exciting things that come with getting engaged and then married. You have a partner who is with you in this craziness that is life and the hopes that love and romance live forever is something we all want during that phase. As you begin to plan the stages of your life, planning for your wedding, your ring, and your life come with it. A lot of people like to go outside the typical when it comes to engagement or wedding rings. More and more are opting for ring tattoos — and they’re pretty. But super permanent. There’s now another option people are going for and I am seriously in love. A microdermal implant is being sought after in place of wearing rings or getting tattoos.

And I think a microdermal implant is super pretty. Like wondering if maybe this is something I should get kind of love this trend. 

Just like tattoos aren’t for everyone, neither is a microdermal implant. According to Piercing Models, microdermal implants “also known as dermal piercings or single-point piercings, are piercings punctured on flat surfaces of the body.”

Continued, the site explains, “They can literally be placed anywhere you want since it is not a major process, which makes them different from other ordinary body piercings. With a micro dermal piercing, only one end of the ornament emerges from the surface of the skin; the other end is embedded in the dermal layer of the skin. This gives the appearance of having small beads on the surface of the skin.”

When we think of these type of piercings, we probably go to the more extreme versions.

Some are doing them more subtle.

And now it looks like a trend is starting for people getting microdermal implants on their fingers to replace traditional rings. And some are getting really creative with them.

Some people are opting for regular piercings instead of the microdermal, but those rings still look amazing, too. Click through to see traditional piercings and microdermal implants people are opting for instead of traditional rings.

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