Michelle Duggar Was Not Happy About Jim Bob’s PDA in Uncomfortable Birthday Tribute

I’ll be honest that I’m not very comfortable with showing a little PDA with my husband whenever we are out and about. It’s just not in my nature and I’ve never been the kind of person to plan big kisses in front of him with other people in the room. Sure, we’ll hold hands and yes I’ll give him unexpected bear hugs and plop right next to him on the couch when he least expects it, but we tend to share those kind of moments privately. It’s just the way we are.

Of course, not every couple is the same. Take Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar for instance. They might be one of the most controversial couples on reality television – mostly because of their strict household rules and their religious values – but when it comes time for a little lovin’ these two get busy in the sack. I mean, how else did they produce 19 kids? Ha!

Yet, Jim Bob and Michelle’s PDA in a new birthday tribute video is causing some serious LOL’s. Some people are actually calling this an X-rated tribute (in Duggar terms), while others say this is the most awkward birthday tribute video ever.

He begins by telling her how wonderful, beautiful and caring Michelle is and how she’s a huge asset to the family.

Credit: YouTube / The Duggar Family

But it’s what happens next that has everyone talking.



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