Couple Allegedly Let Their 6-Year-Old Boy ‘Starve to Death’ as Punishment

There are a lot of tragic stories in the news about child abuse and questionable parenting that sometimes it’s hard to read about them. It seems each week we hear more and more of innocent children who are victims of abuse and neglect and often that abuse and neglect has tragic and sometimes fatal consequences.

We’ve seen recently numerous cases where alleged mental illness of a parent has played a role in the neglect and abuse leaving people to wonder if there was just more help available if those tragedies could have been prevented. Sometimes you wonder how any parent could ever do such unspeakable acts to their own child.

Then there’s cases where neighbors claim they always felt that something was off about a particular family, but it’s only when something truly tragic does happen they speak out, wondering why nothing was done earlier to help protect the most innocent family members.

Neighbors of an Illinois couple recently arrested for allegedly starving their 6 year old son to death say there were clues that something was suspect in the house, although several admitted not knowing how many children actually lived in the house. People are wondering how this was able to happen and how this poor boy slipped through the cracks.

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They allegedly withheld food as a punishment

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