Melania Trump Visited a Children’s Hospital and We Got to See Another Side of the First Lady

The other week I joked with some of my mom friends that our First Lady Melania Trump might have a case of the RBF (in case you’re not familiar with the term, you can look it up here). Now, I don’t mean that in a disrespectful way at all because quite honestly, I suffer from the same thing. And a lot of my girlfriends say they do too. Why? Because it doesn’t matter if we’re tired, we’re tin deep thought, we are observing something different to us or if we’re concerned, we have the same expression on our face. Yet others might perceive it that we might be angry because we look it, but we’re actually not.

Now, when it comes to Melania Trump, there’s no denying that yes, she makes the same expression everywhere she goes. Is she upset? Is she bored? Or is she simply thinking the same things we’re thinking whenever Donald Trump goes on one of his Twitter rants? Whatever the case, many people were pleasantly surprised to see a different side of Melania Trump when she visited a children’s hospital in Rome on Wednesday, May 25. In fact, we’ve never seen her look like this before.

Melania Trump
Credit: YouTube/AFP

Here’s what Melania did when she visited a group of children in Rome.

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