People Are Upset That Melania Trump Hasn’t Appeared On A Magazine Cover Since Becoming First Lady

Especially when compared to Michelle...

There has been so much political drama happening since the latest president took office. As a Canadian watching from the sidelines really, it’s been both terrifying, strange, and eye-opening to watch. There is such a big divide between Donald and Melania Trump and the people who love them and those who don’t agree with their politics, or their personal business either.

There has been so much drama, fear, anger coming out of this presidency so far and it’s not really slowing down much at all. The latest comes from fans of Melania Trump who are upset saying she’s not being treated fairly in the world of fashion or media.

Melania Trump
Credit: Twitter/@MelaniaTrump

You may or may not know that Melania Trump once worked as a model. She landed covers for some of the big branded magazines like Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, GQ, and Sports Illustrated. Coming from Slovenia, she worked in the fashion capitals of the world: Paris and Milan, before settling in the United States and getting married to Donald Trump.

Fans are now asking why Melania Trump is not being treated the same as other past First Ladies…

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