Melania Trump Is Proving Her Critics Wrong by Making This Major Step

Several years ago my husband got transferred to a new city, meaning the four of us had to make the difficult, tedious and time-consuming journey of uprooting our family from one city to the next. It wasn’t easy but it was something we had to do as a family and in the end it was one of the best decisions of our life.

But during my husband’s transfer, we ended up selling our first house in the middle of the school year. My daughter was in Kindergarten at the time and my gut instinct told me to wait until her Kindergarten year was over so she could start the 1st grade at her new school. While I’m sure that not every parent would do the same, for us it seemed like the most logical solution given our family’s needs at the time.

And that’s also why I completely understood First Lady Melania Trump’s decision not to take her son Barron out of school to move to Washington D.C. with his father, President Donald Trump, in January. Because Melania refused to make the big move right away, a lot of her critics believed she wouldn’t move at all.

Melania Trump
Credit: Instagram/@realdonaldtrump

And now she’s proving all of them wrong with her latest announcement.

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