Melania Trump Posts A Picture Of Some Other Guy On Inauguration Anniversary

The Photo Was From Inauguration Day 2017

Well, this is actually kind of funny. First Lady Melania Trump recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of  Inauguration Day. To commemorate the occasion, she tweeted out a very lovely picture and sentiment about her time in the White House thus far. Seems good, right? Well, people are scratching their heads over her choice of picture, and we have to admit, we chuckled a bit when we saw it. For whatever reason, rather than use a picture of herself with her husband, President Donald Trump, Melania chose a picture of herself with an unidentified Marine.

Why wouldn’t she use a picture of Donald? He’s sort of the reason she’s even acknowledging the anniversary of Inauguration Day. Right? We don’t know if she just happened to like that picture of herself (it’s a good one), or if she’s maybe low-key shading Donnie boy. Either way, people on Twitter had some questions about it as well. And many of them were actually thankful she didn’t use a picture of him; we see enough of him on the news everyday. Maybe she just wanted to change things up a bit!

One thing’s for certain: the responses to her tweet and picture were hilarious. Twitter is always good for a laugh!

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