Melania Trump Really Doesn’t Want To Hold Donald Trump’s Hand

You’ve got to see this cringe worthy moment.

Melania Trump is making it pretty clear that she doesn’t want anything to do wit her husband, President Donald Trump, or at least from a physical standpoint. The First Lady of the United States has once again refused to hold her husband’s hand and in a not so subtle way.

There’s new video evidence of Melania not-so-subtly trying to brush Donald Trump’s hand away while he tried to grab it in a very awkward way. As you can imagine, the moment has gone viral. It’s also pretty painful to witness, too.


Credit: Getty Images / NICHOLAS KAMM

Of course, this isn’t the first time Melania Trump has tried to swipe her husband’s hand away in public. She did it back in May of 2017 right after the couple landed at Tel Aviv airport. Donald tried to hold her hand while walking down the tarmac but Melania slapped his hand in clear view.

Now, President Donald Trump likes to rant about his critics but if there’s one person he hasn’t made any comments about, it’s his wife Melania Trump. Clearly, he knows better than to “go there,” if you know what we mean. We still can’t help but wonder how he feels about this kind of public humiliation.

Melania Trump does it again…

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