Mel B Goes To Drastic Measures To Remove Tattoo Of Ex-Husband’s Name

That's one way to do it

As a long time Spice Girls fan, I’ve been rooting for Mel B for years. The singer and ‘girl power’ advocate seemed to have some trouble in the love department over the years.

Many thought the America’s Got Talent judge had finally found true happiness when she married Stephen Belafonte. The mom of Phoenix, 18, Angel, 10 and Madison, five, filed for divorce in March. She and her husband were married 10 years. Their divorce was finalized on December 15th.

After the divorce filing went public details of their allegedly abusive relationship were made public. According to TMZ, Mel B detailed years of alleged physical and emotional abuse. She also accuses Belafonte of being controlling and, even claims he got their 20-something German nanny pregnant and allegedly. She claims he even paid for the exchange student to have an abortion.

In court papers obtained by the U.K. newspaper The Mirror, Mel B – whose real name is Melanie Janine Brown – says: “During my relationship with Respondent, I was subjected to multiple physical beatings, which are documented in photographs. I have tried to leave Respondent many times.

“Every time I tried, Respondent threatened me with violence and threatened to destroy my life in every possible way. He said he would destroy my career and take my kids from me.”

Obviously Mel B wants no more reminders of her ex-husband. That includes the tattoo of his name she had on her torso. Mel B recently took some pretty drastic measures to ensure her ex-husband’s name no longer has a home on her body.

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