This Mom Called The Cops On Another Mom And Her Post About What She Learned Has Gone Viral

Before you judge, imagine walking a mile in that mom’s shoes.

Megan Burnside did something that some of us have done in the past or might have thought about doing, too. She called the cops on another mother after she thought the mom was abusing her child. And it’s a decision that she totally regrets.

You know all of the people who say that parenting is one of the hardest jobs, if not the hardest job in the world? It’s true. It’s not easy trying to pull your sh*t together during a Target run with your toddlers or making sure that everyone is healthy, happy, content and well-fed during all hours of the day. Megan Burnside knows this. You know this. I know it. I mean, we can spend the entire day talking about all of our parenting fails and how we try so hard to avoid them.

Several years ago Megan called the cops on a mother after it looked like she was hitting her 10-year-old son inside her car. But that wasn’t the case at all. Yet, it took another similar situation for Megan to feel absolutely horrible about what she did. She judged the mother too quickly, only to later realize that she was completely wrong. Here’s what happened.

This is what Megan Burnside learned after she called the cops on another mother.

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