Mayim Bialik Talks About Her First Experience With Those Competitive ‘Mom Groups’

Her video is rubbing some people the wrong way

Many of you might know actress Mayim Bialik from her days as Blossom on the hit show of the same name. Of course most of us know her now as Amy Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory. What you might not know is Bialik also has a very successful and popular Facebook page. On it she discusses everything from politics to parenting.

Mayim Bialik is the mom of two sons and speaks openly about her parenting styles and co-parenting with her ex husband Michael Stone. Recently she tackled a topic many moms can relate to.

When my kids were young I used to go to a lot of open play groups. I met a few nice women there, some of whom are still my friends. For the most part, I went to simply let my kids enjoy playing outside of the house. I shied away from ‘mom groups’ simply because they weren’t my thing. I know a lot of women who would go to mom groups though. Some loved them, others hated them. It really depended on what they were looking to get out of them.

Mayim Bialik recently posted a video on her Facebook page where she talks about her experience with mom groups. She called them ‘too competitive’ for her, explaining she didn’t enjoy her one visit.

Some people however are calling her out, saying she’s the one being ‘competitive.’

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