Baby, Mom, And Husband Found Dead In Possible Postpartum Psychosis Murder-Suicide


There is nothing but sadness in this story that breaks my heart that there wasn’t enough support for the struggling new mom. The postpartum period is riddled with hormonal changes, new routines, and for many women, there is an extra struggle of being hit with postpartum depression or postpartum psychosis. That’s what investigators are pointing to after finding Mary Jo Trokey along with her husband and 3-month-old baby in their home.

According to investigators, a grandparent of the baby, and a parent to one of the two adults, went to check in on the family. When they went into the home, what they discovered was something out of their worst nightmare. All three of them, Mary Jo Trokey, her husband, and their 3-month old baby were dead.

Reports say that Mary Jo Trokey, 32, Matthew Trokey, 33, and their 3-month-old daughter Taylor Rose Trokey all died from gunshot wounds. The community and family members are trying to figure out what they missed and how this could have happened. And according to police, the reason might point to the mom who is the one they believe is the shooter, killing her husband and child before turning the gun on herself.

The details are really upsetting and we really feel for this family — here’s what the police knows so far.

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