This Family Is Fed Up With Constant Comments on the Gender of Their Children

If you have more than one child of the same gender, and especially if you only have more than one child of the same gender, you’re probably accustomed to people asking you when or if you’re trying for the opposite gender.

I had a daughter followed by three sons, and I was bombarded by people ‘consoling’ me when I found out my fourth child was a son, telling me how I must have really wanted a girl and how busy life with three boys will be. My mother is one of 11 kids and 9 of them are girls. My grandmother used to tell me how people would comment on my ‘poor grandfather’ all the time.

People mean well, but it can all be a bit much sometimes. Now, imagine if you had six children, all the same gender, and discovered you were expecting #7.

That’s exactly what happened to the Martin-Weber family who have six daughters and learned they’re expecting #7.

Now the family is speaking out about the hurtful comments they’re constantly hearing about having so many daughters, and the constant implication that they must have wanted a boy.

family of girls
Credit: Facebook / Beyond Moi, Your Street Photography by Meghann Street

People Can Be So Rude!

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