Mark Zuckerberg Is Already An Addicted Facebook Parent Just Like You And Me

It only took about a week or so but it looks like Mark Zuckerberg might be spending his paternity leave just like the rest of us what do: spending every waking moment with our bundle of joy and posting photos on his Facebook page. I mean, he might have billions of dollars in his bank account but when it comes to parenthood he’s really not that much different than the rest of us, right?

The proud new papa, who welcomed his baby girl Max with his wife Priscilla Chan, shared a photo of him clearly enjoying a moment of love on his Facebook wall. He captioned it simply with, “Full of joy with little Max.”

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 12.53.17 PM

 I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a whole lot of Max in the coming weeks on Mark’s feed. I mean, it’s only naturally to want to take about 2953 photos of your child a day, weed out the bad ones and post the rest in a daily album on your social media networking sites, right? Mark, because mostly of you, that’s what we call parental bragging rights of this day and age. Plus, this is THE Facebook baby we’re talking about.

Tell us Hot Moms, how often do you share pics of your kids on your Facebook page? Most of us have been doing it for almost a decade now and it looks like there’s no stopping it, either.

Source via Facebook

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