Mark Zuckerberg Causes A Firestorm By Vaccinating His Daughter

Photo via Getty Images

By now I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed Mark Zuckerberg has managed to transform himself from the CEO of Facebook to just another parent who loves to overshare pics of his baby on social media. I mean, who cares if he is worth a zillion dollars, because he’s just like you and me when it comes to his overzealous parental pride, right? Right.

While I will definitely admit that his baby girl Max is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE (those cheeks!) his latest photo of his pride and joy is causing quite the firestorm on Facebook. And why? It’s all because he posted a photo of the two of them at the doctor’s office while waiting for little Max to get her vaccinations.

And of course, the Internet had to weigh in. Some were incredibly supportive, while others lashed out at Mark for vaccinating his child.

Here’s a little more:


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