Mariah Carey Undergoes Weight Loss Surgery After Relentless Body-Shaming

Body shaming affects everyone

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day where we were talking about our weight, which is something that women do a lot, don’t you think? I was saying that I remember when I was younger and thinking I that I always needed to lose a few pounds, and how much I would kill to be that weight now.

We’re always our own worst critic, especially when it comes to our appearance, but it’s so sad to me how many women I know (all of them) who can find something to criticize about our bodies no matter what we look like or what shape we’re in because for some reason people think it’s OK to comment on women’s bodies.

Celebrity women seem to have it the worst when it comes to body shaming. The minute a celebrity woman shows the tiniest hint of a belly the tabloids are proclaiming she’s either pregnant or ‘binging’ and ‘out of control’. Women aren’t allowed to gain a few pounds without risk of becoming ‘unmarketable’ so they’re constantly dieting and counting calories and working out. I have to assume that being fit in Hollywood is like a full time job.

It’s worse if they have a baby too, with every magazine and blog and website constantly analyzing their ‘post baby body’ and how quickly they’ve lost their baby weight.

It truly is an impossible standard to live up to, so it’s not surprising at all to me when a celebrity turns to weight loss surgery to help them attain that Hollywood physique.

Up close and personal. #mariahcareyvegas

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So, did Mariah feel too much pressure and have surgery? Click through to read more.

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