Man Yells at Car for Strange Reason and Gets Instant Karmic Reaction

At one point or another I’m pretty sure we’ve all either been a) an angry driver or b) an angry pedestrian. As much as I try to keep my cool in the car (especially if my kids are with me) I just can’t help it. I’ve never really flipped the bird at anyone (because doing so always looked so juvenile and petty to me) but I usually do go on a foul-mouthed tirade full of explicit curse words with my windows up, of course. My rants against other drivers are really pointless because the only people who can hear me are the other passengers in my car (which is usually just my family).

With that being said though you can’t help but get angry when you see someone do something foolish or worse, cut you off or cause an unnecessary traffic jam. But have you ever seen an angry pedestrian cross a street while barking at the car next to him? That’s exactly what happened in this viral clip. But let me tell you, karma sure did it’s work here as what happened at the end was one big surprise.

angry man
Credit: YouTube/ChrisSmithOne77

You sure will get a chuckle out of this!

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