Dad-to-Be Told His Pregnant Wife He ‘Hoped She Miscarried,’ but Now He Wants Another


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Tough call, right? Honestly, we’re all entitled to our feelings and emotions and more often than not, they change. And I can’t fault this man for being honest about his feelings and wanting a second chance to prove himself to his wife. But at the same time, he did say something that was incredibly offensive and downright cruel to his wife. In fact, it’s something no woman should ever here, regardless of what your situation may be.

As you can imagine, Prudence didn’t hold back in her answer. She responded with, “It’s good that you now love your child and that you’ve been able to acknowledge, to a certain extent, your past wrongdoing, but you have not correctly identified the scale of your bad behavior. Being “really nervous” and “not the kindest” during a partner’s pregnancy is not the same thing as saying “I hope you have a miscarriage” or denying your partner is pregnant at all.”

“They’re not even in the same ballpark. What you did was abusive, horrifyingly cruel, and wildly beyond the pale of normal behavior. If nothing else, I hope you realize that this was not a standard part of being a nervous first-time parent, and that absolutely nothing could have justified the things you said or did to your wife.”

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