Dad-to-Be Told His Pregnant Wife He ‘Hoped She Miscarried,’ but Now He Wants Another

We all say horrible things to our partner once in awhile, right? I mean, there’s no denying that we say things in spite that we later regret. It’s just sometimes on the tip of our tongue and it tends to roll out pretty easily when we’re frustrated and in the heat of the moment.

But some of the things we say can leave a long, lasting mark on our loved ones. Some damage can be irreversible. Just ask this one man who admits to telling his wife that he hopes she miscarries their baby, just to find out that he later loves their child. And now he wants a second chance to make his wrongs into rights. But according to advice columnist Prudence, it’s not that easy.

Couple Fighting
Credit: Shutterstock/Syda Productions

Did this husband royally mess up for good?

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