Find Out Why Everyone Is Talking About the New Man Romper

I love my husband but yes, he sometimes makes questionable fashion choices. Now, that’s not to say that my style is perfect, but I do try my best not to wear neon orange and yellow swim shirts at a water park. The one good thing about him wearing loud, colorful shirts in public is that I can spot him from a mile away but then again so can everyone else.

He has his “dad uniform” while I have my “mom uniform” (which usually consists of a pair of shorts, an everyday t-shirt and a pair of flip flops when I’m running my errands) and my husband’s go-to outfit looks about the same. But all of us fashion-conscious moms have something to worry about here: new reports indicate that a Man Romper exists and that there’s a very good chance that our husbands and partners might want to wear them.

Male Romper
Credit: Instagram / @originalromphim

Would you allow your man to wear a romper?

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