Man’s Reaction To Witnessing Childbirth Is Making The Internet LOL

Childbirth can be scary!

Yes, childbirth is a miracle – pure and simple. Unless you’ve either experienced it or watched someone else do so at very, very close range.  We are here to tell you it’s no picnic. It’s intense at best and terrifying at worst – as this young man has just discovered.

The hilarious video is from the Dutch reality show Vier Handen Op Eén Buik, translation Four Hands On A Belly. This particular episode showed 17-year-old Quintana giving birth as her boyfriend Dalo watched in what can only be described as bone-chilling horror.

The video of Dalo’s reaction was posted on the Facebook page Karma and has since been viewed close to four million times. Turns out we can relate to the fact that watching a baby being born leaves you with no chill whatsoever.

One clever fan posted in the caption, ‘When you find out the baby does not come via stork’. And it sums up the expression on Dalo’s face pretty darn well.

Credit: YouTube /Henry Bergeron

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