Man Tells His Kids They’re Too Old To Call Him “Daddy” And People Have Feelings About That

Is there an age limit on what your kids call you?

    Most of us call our parents some variation on the standard ‘mom and dad.’ Whether you call them mum and dad, or momma and daddy or moms and pops, etc, it’s a pretty personal choice.

    My parents are mom and dad and my kids call my husband and I mom and dad. When my children were younger we were mommy and daddy. As the kids got older they naturally transitioned to the shortened form of mom and dad. I think this is pretty typical. As a society we tend to associate ‘mommy and daddy’ with parents of younger children, at least in North America.

    But is there a rule? Is there an age limit where kids have to stop calling you mommy and daddy and just use mom and dad instead? Would you be upset if your teen called you daddy? Or mommy? I think it would surprise me a bit if I heard it, but it wouldn’t bother me. I think I would assume it was just a slip up. My youngest is 10 and it’s been years since they’ve called me ‘mommy.’

    One woman recently asked for advice after her ex specifically asked their children to stop calling him ‘daddy.’

    Naturally, the internet had some thoughts about this request and couldn’t wait to chime in.


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