Man Mauled on Flight by Another Passenger’s Emotional Support Dog

I’ll tell you that I used to hate traveling. By that I mean, I used to hate the process of having to get from Point A to Point B just because air travel is such a pain. The long lines at security, the stuffed suitcases in the overhead departments, the small, uncomfortable plane seats and of course, the jet lag. Even though I still travel often, my views of traveling haven’t gotten better. In fact, it’s gotten worse.

This summer seems to be giving us one bizarre airplane incidence and occurrence after another. You hear stories of people getting booted off overbooked planes, kicked off for having a birthday cake on board and now, getting bitten by dogs! Does this mean I am going to have to make the 17-hour car drive to Chicago this summer? Yikes! Here’s what you need to know.

Credit: Shutterstock/ Markus Mainka

An emotional support dog attacked a passenger on this Delta flight!

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