Man behind "psypho ex-wife" psypho himself!

I honestly can’t believe this man would get any support from anyone other then men who love to hate their ex’s.  This is a story about a man who was never in a great marriage to begin with, admitted by himself, who has two boys ages 10 and 12, and who supposedly has moved on in the “love ” department, yet has nothing better to do with his time then continually bash the mother of his two children on a regular basis in public! Are you kidding me????  Grow the Hell up and learn how to be a father!

He is now appealing the custody/divorce judge that ordered him to take the blog site down stating that the constitution protects him for his freedom of speech. Well I got news for ya pal, when your “stupid” freedom of speech is hurting the very people that these courts are trying to protect, in this case, YOUR kids, then I see it profusely in their right to do so.  Not to mention the fact that your “freedom of speech”  in this case is also called SLANDER therefore putting you in a lovely situation to be civilly sued yourself!  Good luck with that. However, her statement, the so called “psycho” ex claims she has no hatred and just wants to move on.  HHMMM, leaving him to be the real psycho here.

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