Man Arrested After Keeping Stepdaughter Captive for 19 Years

I sometimes I truly miss the pre-internet and information overload era. That’s because we weren’t inundated with story after horrible story of all of the atrocities that happen in the world. That’s not to say that I would rather ignore all of the awful things that are happening around me, but honestly when I hear about some of these disgusting crimes it’s just too much for my stomach to handle.

Case in point: one Oklahoma man has just now been arrested for keeping his stepdaughter captive for nearly two decades. Not only is this sickening, but I can’t imagine why it would take 19 years for this man to finally pay for his crimes.

According to reports, Henri Michele Piette has been accused of kidnapping and sexually abusing his stepdaughter Rosalynn Michelle McGinnis. She says that for 19 years she was stabbed, shot and regularly beaten with a baseball bat by him.

He had been in a relationship with the girl’s mother but she left after she couldn’t take the abuse anymore.

Support Rosalynn McGinnis' Return!!
Credit: GoFundMe / Support Rosalynn McGinnis’ Return!!

This is the kind of stuff that nightmares are made of.

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