Mama June Just Made Shocking Claims About Sugar Bear

It’s without a doubt that Mama June Shannon is a new woman. After all, she’s got a new body, a new confidence she’s never had before, and a new, positive outlook on life.

And now that she’s 300 pounds lighter and turning all of her wrongs into rights, she’s opening up about everything that she’s been hiding behind closed doors, including troubling new details about her past relationship with her ex, Sugar Bear. In fact, she’s recently revealed some very disturbing new details which also happen to involve her two children, Pumpkin and Honey Boo Boo. You might want to buckle up, because it looks like Mama June is gearing up for a fast, but messy public battle that won’t be pretty.

Mama June Shannon and Sugar Bear
Credit: WeTV/Screengrab

Mama June is accusing her ex Sugar Bear of some serious allegations.

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