‘Mama June’ Shannon Shares Shocking News About Her Daughter Lauren ‘Pumpkin’ Shannon

Being a television personality in the spotlight is never easy. Sure, you have the media and your fans fawning over your every move, but you’ve also got critics who never have anything good to say as well. And you sure as heck don’t have any privacy anymore. Everything about you, your personal life and your family is made public. And that can almost never be a good thing.

Yet, for someone like Mama June Shannon she is relishing in all of the attention, whether it’s good, bad or downright ugly. The recently slimmed down reality television star though does have some VERY unexpected news to share. In fact, we didn’t see this coming at all as it will surely bring her a whole new wave of criticism. Here’s what you need to know.

Mama June talks to daughter Alana Thompson.
Credit: WEtv

Mama June Shannon’s family is about to get bigger….

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