Mama June Shares Her Controversial Secret To Keeping The Weight Off

New body, new life, new man: what’s next?

Mama June has a hot new man and everyone wants to know who this guy is. I mean, it’s not easy losing 300 pounds on national television or find out that your Sugar Bear was an abusive creep that used to cheat on you with both women and men. She has gone through a lot and she definitely deserves to be treated a little better.

While I completely understand that everyone has their different opinions about Mama June Shannon, let’s not forget that she’s a human being and a woman, too. She has her needs, her feelings and her desires. Everyone wants a partner they can call their own in life while it just takes a little longer for some of us to find our better halves. Mama June just happens to be one of them.

Now as far as who this guy is, Mama June is spilling the deets little by little. Considering everything that she has gone through in the past, she doesn’t want to make any of the same mistakes she’s made with her former beau, Sugar Bear. Here’s what we know so far.

Mama June has a new man in her life and she is head over heels in love!

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