Mama June’s Daughter ‘Pumpkin’ Had Two Loaded Guns Stolen from Her Car

Major family drama

Mama June and her family are dealing with a crisis, as two guns were stolen from her daughter Pumpkin’s car. The second youngest daughter of Mama June told authorities that two Ruger P-Series handguns were taken from her vehicle. Yikes!!!

According to reports, both firearms were located in a holster that was hidden under her seat, she said. She told them that both guns were fully loaded.The theft occurred between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. ET.

And yes, I know what you are thinking: perhaps no one in Mama June’s family should have a gun to begin with, given their history of questionable decision making in the past. We get it. But let’s not forget that Mama June and her family are from the South and just like any other American, they have the right to bear arms.

Also, before critics start huffing and puffing, in Georgia, it’s legal to openly carry firearms without a permit in a motor vehicle.

But this is a situation that’s causing a lot of people to worry. Is Pumpkin in trouble? Is someone following her? And why in the world would she keep two loaded guns in clear plain view in her car? Mama June and her fans have questions, and here’s what they want to know.

Here’s what happened

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