Make More $$$ at Your Next Garage Sale!

Make More $$$ at Your Next Garage Sale!

By Shana Aborn

Make more $$$ at your next garage sale. Summer is a prime time for cleaning out your basement and closets and turning your unwanted clothes, appliances and knickknacks into quick cash with a garage sale. How do you bring in the buyers — and get the most money for your attic treasures? We consulted garage sale expert Ava Seavey, author of Ava’s Guide to Garage Sale Gold, for suggestions.

1. Plan ahead.
Go through your house – from attic to basement and every closet in between – and pull out everything you want to sell. Then make a list of your sale items, grouping them by category so you can keep track. “Having a garage sale is like losing weight: Everyone wants to lose, but no one wants to diet,” says Seavey. “Write everything down before, during and after the sale.”

2. Know what sells.
Don’t expect to get an offer on everything; certain items are more popular at tag sales than others. “The best sellers are household and decorative goods, tools, children’s things like baby gear, vintage items and jewelry,” says Seavey. What are buyers most likely to pass up? TVs, art and adult clothing.

3. Choose your dates wisely.

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