Princess and Pirate Birthday Cake ( DYI)

Princess and Pirate Birthday Cake

(Family Features) – When the goal is to delight a child with a birthday party they’ll never forget, nothing says “it’s your day” like an unforgettable birthday bash. And, it’s a piece of cake when it comes together under one creative theme, down to the delicious detail of a birthday cake to sweeten the theme.

A spring 2008 survey by General Mills, Inc. asked parents how they select a birthday party theme for their birthday boy or girl. Here are some typical responses:

“For a child’s party, I usually ask the child if they want a theme or a certain character.”
I decide the food a week or so in advance and try and get things most will like.”
“Just think of something fun for everybody involved.”

“As a parent, one of the best gifts I can give my child in an incredible party,” said Ann Stuart of The Betty Crocker Kitchens. “When planning the food and activities for themed parties, it is important to enjoy the party-giving experience so it’s memorable for both parents and kids. After all, birthdays only come around once a year. ”

According to recent research (conducted by Space 150), the top birthday cake styles or types searched online are Castle Cake, Princess Cake, Pirate Cake and Dinosaur Cake.

It’s easy to “wrap up” the details on the perfect gift – a memorable birthday party – with a little help from An entire section is devoted to planning birthday parties, which includes:

Favorite birthday cake recipes and vibrant photos

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