Madonna on adopting David and bringing Lourdes to Malawi

Madonna on adopting David and bringing Lourdes to Malawi

New Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Madonna, 49, sat down with Interview recently to discuss various topics — but the one that remains closest to her heart is Africa. Madonna and director husband Guy Richie adopted son David Banda, 2, from Malawi in 2006, and the family made a return trip in April 2007. Saying that David, “wouldn’t have lived if I hadn’t taken him. It’s not even a possibility,” Madonna reveals that it was daughter Lourdes Maria, 11, who pleasantly surprised her.

She spent several weeks working in the orphanages, particularly one with newborn children, and most of them were HIV-positive. She so came into her own and was so responsible and stayed for eight hours every day and worked tirelessly.

I thought, “Why am I babying her so much? She’s capable of so much more.” We don’t let kids do anything. We think, “Oh, they’re kids — they can’t take care of other kids; they can’t do this; they can’t do that.” And after you go to Africa, you drop all that silliness.

Madonna says she has gained perspective through her trips to Africa, but admits that it’s unfortunate that sometimes an in-your-face approach is what it takes to realize how lucky we are.

We live very comfortable lives, and unfortunately, we have to have our noses rubbed in other people’s pain and suffering to realize how much we have and how much we have to be grateful for.

Madonna and Guy are also parents to son Rocco, 7 1/2.

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