Macy’s Discount Outlet Stores Are Coming To A Mall Near You!

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I love a good Nordstrom Rack, but there is no doubt that my credit card is going to get a good beating at a Macy’s discount store (and I’m kidding of course, just in case my husband is reading this. Hey babe!)

According to reports, Macy’s is planning “Backstage” stores that will sell their brands at discounts of up to 80%. It’s like Christmas in January, you guys (or every month of the calendar year for that matter).

The company’s CEO, Terry Lundgren, plans to revamp select existing stores by offering Macy’s brands at majorly marked-down prices.

“We have to make stores more productive — all of us box stores,” Lundgren told CNBC. “Customers buying online have got to find more reasons to visit.”

To be honest with you, Lundgren has a point. I’m doing more online shopping now than ever before but if I have a good reason to get in my car and some gas to my local mall (despite the heavy crowds) to snag a good deal, I’ll do it. But only if it’s worth my time, of course (which translates to 80 percent off a good designer handbag).

Tell us Hot Moms, what do you think of Macy’s new idea?

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