Mackenzie Standifer Teases MTV ‘Teen Mom’ Spin-Off With Hubby Ryan Edwards

Well, it'll be drama-filled for sure.

We’ve really come to know so many of the Teen Mom stars over the years. We watched them become parents during 16 & Pregnant and have seen them grow into the young adults they are now. We’ve seen some people come and go and we’ve met some new people. One of those new people is Mackenzie Standifer who is now married to Ryan Edwards. He was featured in both 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom, the original, when he and his then fiance Maci Bookout, were together.

So much has changed in the 8 years since we first saw the main people on our TV screens on the MTV channel and all the changes have just kept coming. Several of the OG stars have gotten married, some divorced, some are having more babies, and others are starting new relationships.

For Ryan Edwards, who shares Bentley with Teen Mom OG star, Maci Bookout, he’s been through a lot, too. We’ve seen him go from teenager to teen dad. We’ve watched him struggle — and fail — a lot. And the last season of the show we might have seen him get in the worst shape yet and it was terrifying.

Now, it seems like a lot of people are worried about him and how his life is going with his new wife, Mackenzie Standifer, and rumor has it, they’re about to get a new MTV spin-off

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Devan McGuinness

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