Maci Bookout Reveals Terrifying Details About Her Ex Ryan Edwards

I’ll admit that when I first started watching Teen Mom several years ago, I always had the hope that Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards would get back together again and especially for the sake of their young son, Bentley. I might have been wrong, but at the time they just seemed to belong with one another.

But as I’m sure we all know, that wasn’t the case at all. And now Maci has just revealed some terrifying news about Ryan and his health. While the two of them aren’t on the best of terms, she’s still concerned about him. After all, Ryan is Bentley’s biological father and no matter what they go through in life, he’ll always be there for his son. Here’s what you need to know about Ryan’s health status and why Maci is freaking out about it.

Teen Mom
Credit: Facebook/Maci Bookout Daily

Maci is desperate to see Ryan healthy and happy again

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