‘Teen Mom’ Goes Maci Bookout Goes Naked On Camera And Her Son Calls It ‘Scary!’

Mom, you're embarrassing me.

We have all watched the Teen Mom moms grow as they became parents at a young age and then navigated the dynamics of parenting. For some, the journey has been difficult and full of many challenges. For others, we’ve been right along cheering them o as they go through big changes and little ones too. One of our absolutely favorite Teen Mom stars, Maci Bookout, is one that we’ve been enjoying watching along to.

She’s always seemed super level-headed. She’s been through the teen pregnancy, going to school, finishing college, all while raising her oldest child, Bentley. Thing with Bentley’s dad hasn’t always been smooth sailing or easy. But Maci Bookout makes it work and she’s again, doing that all with a level head.


She is now married to Taylor McKinney and is the mother of three children now, Jayde and Maverick McKinney, joining their older brother, Bentley. She’s been doing her thing and we love rooting her on when she tries her hand at new things. And she’s about to do even more of that.

The 26-year-old is now going to give us all a side of her we’ve not seen. She’s going naked on camera.And her oldest son isn’t sure what to think about it… other than it’s “scary.”

We’re cheering you on, Maci — here are the details.

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