Mable, Mable If Your Able, Keep Your Elbows Off the Table!

It is never too early, nor too late to begin instilling within your precious little ones the value and importance of learning proper table manners.  From fast food etiquette to the family dining table, table manners are one of the most important skills we as parents can introduce to our children.  We are seeing the need for students to enroll in hands-on training on proper tools of the table even at the graduate level in colleges across the land.  Just knowing these simple skills can influence one’s success in many social situations.

The four pillars in structuring your training include:

Keep It Simple! Incorporate just one or two new skills at a time allowing the child up to two weeks to practice.  For example, teaching children the proper way to hold a fork and knife can truly be a challenge, however, just placing a small book under their arms will help train them in keeping their elbows down.  By doing this they will realize that the secret to holding a fork and knife is all in the wrists similar to a conductor who uses his wrists to conduct an orchestra.

Modeling Behavior – Yes, that means YOU.  Children love to emulate their parent’s behavior so if you need a little refresher course on your table and dining manners (and don’t be bashful for many of us never received such training), simply dust off that etiquette book and do a little bit of research.

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