This Mom Carried Her Placenta Around In A Bag (Because It’s Still Attached to Her Baby)

She took a 'very natural approach' to her pregnancy

Well, I learned something new today that I could’ve gone my entire life without knowing existed! Remember the baby flipping mom? The viral video of a doctor flipping a breech baby is absolutely insane (and intense, so if you’re squeamish, heads up!). Vanessa Fisher, the mom in the baby flipping video, has given birth! Ashton Nathaniel Fisher arrived on January 16, a couple of weeks overdue but healthy and adorable. Vanessa opted for a VERY natural birth this time around. So natural, in fact, that Nathaniel was still rocking his umbilical cord and placenta 4 days after he was born. As in, it was still attached … to his body. Vanessa decided to have a lotus birth, and hang onto your butts dear readers, because I’m about to explain to you exactly what that is.

We’ve all heard of delayed cord clamping, right? That’s when the umbilical cord is allowed to fully drain shortly after birth, before it’s finally clamped and cut. Many doctors and hospitals tout the benefits of cord clamping, and it’s taken off among new parents. There is lots of nutrient-rich blood in that cord, and waiting a couple of minutes to cut it makes sense! But a lotus birth takes cord clamping like, 1263 steps further. In a lotus birth, the cord isn’t clamped and cut AT ALL. The cord is left attached to the baby, and attached to the uterus, until it dries and falls off naturally. That usually happens anywhere between 3 – 10 days after the baby is born. So for as long as a week, you’re hauling around an organ that is attached to your baby.

After a troubling delivery with her first son, Vanessa knew she wanted her second baby’s arrival to be totally different…

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