Parents Wrongly Lost Custody Of Their Baby Over A Medical Misdiagnosis

It took 5 months to get him back

There are so many new things that you have to do when you’re a parent. Often it can seem scary — a newborn is so fragile looking and there is so much to do for them. If your baby has colic, that can add a whole extra level of strain. Doing whatever you can to help relieve the discomfort your baby has is what parents strive for and that often means reducing their gas pains, which is said to contribute to colic. For many parents that means doing regular “burping” of their baby after each feed. Placing your hand supporting their chin, leaning your newborn forward and gently patting their back is a common practice for relieving gas pain. That’s what Gina Hodgkins did for her baby — but that same practice is what she was told was why she lost custody of her baby.

When Gina’s son was 6 weeks old, she took him to the doctor for a check up and after that everything spiraled out of control for herself and her partner, Joshua Sparkes.

Gina thought something was wrong with her little boy, they named Teddy, not long after he was born. According to the mom, his birth was quick and easy and her was born healthy. But her mom, who was there for the birth of Gina’s second child, thought something was wrong.

“When my mum took him for a cuddle, she said he looked a bit bruised,” Gina tells Daily Mail. “There were marks on his arms as well. The nurse reassured me it was normal, and was a result of him getting a bit squashed during delivery. But it hadn’t been a forceps birth, so I was surprised.”

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