Loose Extra Baby Weight!! Melissa Rycroft Trusts THE ICE CUBE DIET!


Photo Courtesy of the ICE CUBE DIET website!
Melissa Rycroft was spotted outside a café in LA chatting with a friend and popping Ice Cubes!
With her up-and-coming return to prime time television, Melissa is looking to shed her last few baby LBs, and she is trusting the ICE CUBE DIET to do the trick! Each cube contains 100% Natural frozen Hoodia; a popular appetite suppressant. Jusont one cube a day keeps the hunger away, helping curb those cravings and lose that weight! It looks like Melissa is a fan of the Pomegranate flavor!
Melissa will be returning to TV with her own show about life as a mom and businesswoman, so Hot Moms, be sure to keep an eye out!

To get your hands on the ICE CUBE DIET, Click Here and check out the photo below!

Melissa’s FAV: Pomegranate Flavor


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