Living With Your Mother-In-Law May Affect the Number of Kids You Have

Did you ever watch Everybody Loves Raymond? For almost a decade, Raymond and Debra made us laugh along with Raymond’s parents, Marie and Frank Barone, and Ray’s older brother Robert.

Why was this sitcom so popular? Well, the Barones lived across the street and frequently make their presence known to the annoyance of Raymond and Debra… we’re talking DAILY visits. Debra would complain all the time about Raymond’s overbearing family, which was what made the show so hilarious.

My parents live down the street from my family. But they are far from overbearing; in fact, days could pass by without seeing them. Sure, I talk to mom on the phone every day. But my parents dropping in daily? Nope! I’m lucky my parents live so close but they are super helpful and the opposite of overbearing.

Now what would my husband think if they were to drop in all the time?  Hmmm I’m not sure! It’s one thing if they are parents – it’s another if they in-laws. No? Yes?

Just like Everybody Loves Raymond, new research out of the University of Vienna in Austria, living with your mother-in-law may affect the number of kids you have.

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Living with mother-in-law impacts how many kids you’re going to have.

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Maria Lianos Carbone

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