Live with Megan Alexander from Inside Edition!

Live with Megan Alexander from Inside Edition! We were super curious to find out the Scoop on Megan’s new addition and what her little secrets are! Megan contributed-giving her advice and wisdom in the book,  Making it in the Media, purchase your copy here! Follow Megan on Facebook and Twitter
What is your son’s name? how did you choose it? His name is Chace Devan. We wanted to name him something different, but not too wild. Chace was one of our favorites and we just kept coming back to it and really liked it. And Devan, his middle name, is a family name on my Mother’s side. Both my Grandparents have passed away and we wanted to honor them.
2.  What has been your favorite thing about being a new mom, what is your least favorite or biggest surprise.  Every day is Christmas! When Chace was born and we took him home, I remember waking up the first day and thinking “its like Christmas morning!” It truly is – everyday is such a delight. Everyday he does something new! I love watching him grow. He is starting to giggle now and interact, and its just the best. The biggest surprise? How 24/7 being a parent is! It never ends! Just when you think you have a free moment…something happens and baby needs you.
3.  What was the best advice you were given when you were pregnant that rang true or worst advice…what advice would you give expecting or new moms?  I remember being pregnant and feeling really overwhelmed about the future. “He will go to school! He may deal with bullies! He will have to get into college!” and I started getting very worried. My Mom said to me what someone had said to her when we were babies. “Live in the moment. You don’t have to be that parent right away. There is a reason that babies don’t walk for several months! There is a reason they don’t go to school till age 5! God prepares you each day to be the best parent for that moment. Live in the moment”. This advice is so true! I can learn to be a better parent everyday. It certainly takes time but you don’t have to know everything right away.”
4.  What is your favorite baby products and/or mommy products, what items can’t you live without right now? Chace is 4 months, and right now he just LOVES his Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo! My dear friend Priscilla gave it to me and it’s the greatest gift! We also LOVE the Veggie Tales DVDs. I was raised on the Psalty Kids Praise Music, so I am hoping to play that for him, also.
5.  You look gorgeous, how did you get back in shape so fast after baby?  Gosh, thank you. I went to the gym all through my pregnancy. I was on the stationary bike and elliptical until 8 months, and I think that really helped. I ended up having a C-section, so I couldn’t really get back to the gym for 6 weeks. But I tried to walk as much as I could and watch what I ate. But honestly – I tried not to worry about it too much – As my friend Carolyn said “When your stomach is looking a little squishy, just look at your baby. You realize, its all worth it!” so true.
6.  As a busy correspondent for Inside Edition, how are you balancing work with a newborn?   Inside Edition was very kind to allow me 3 months of maternity leave, which I just loved. Now, Chace is in daycare and its working out really well. My job is so busy, that the days really fly by. And everyone has been really supportive. My fellow correspondents all have kids, and Deborah Norville, our Anchor, has 3 children, so it’s a very supportive work environment. But I still feel the tug-o-war every working Mom feels. You want to be everywhere at all times. But I have a very supportive and amazing husband, so that really helps! I also want my kids to have a hard-working Mama for a role model. I have also found that being a Mom gives me a different perspective on stories now. I hope I am bringing a sense of compassion and perspective that I did not have before. I feel very blessed.


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