Little Red Book

I was fortunate enough to be a part of an amazing project that will forever be a part of my children’s lives. It happened a while ago, when a woman approached my husband who was with my two little redheaded kids at the park. She mentioned a book she was writing called “Little Red Heads Across America” and was wondering if we would like to have our children  be in the book. Little did we know that this book would turn out to be not just a wonderful experience, but also such an informative and uplifting way to look at red heads everywhere. Now my own children can feel even more special about their red hair and feel a bond with others who share in the same experience.

Nicole Giladi is that author of  this

book! When I asked her what motivated her to write such a book she mentioned her son Sam. Sam was a twin, but the only one with red hair. She told me he was viewed differently and looked at by the world differently. People had  and have a negative way of viewing red heads, so she wanted

to create a book that they could fully understand and told them just how unique and special they really are. That they were “picked” to be a red head! So special that only 2 to 4% of our population are actually red heads! The book has beautiful photos of red heads along with a lot of interesting facts about red heads that most people don’t alre

ady know…..including myself!  Having two redheads I thought I would have known a lot more than I did.

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