Little League Sign Is Reminding Parents of the Unspoken Rules of Kids’ Sports

Growing up, I had a father that was pretty competitive and passionate about sports. In fact, the only time I ever saw him shed tears was during a soccer game or national sporting event. And because he was so invested in sports, he expected his children to be equally as interested and athletic as he was.

As a kid, I didn’t stress out too much about not being the best athlete, but my dad did. And he was also pretty vocal about things that didn’t appear to go the right way at soccer, hockey and basketball games, too. In other words, he was THAT parent who told the coach or referee what was exactly on their mind.

Sporting events do bring out the best and the worst in us. That’s why a new sign at a Little League field has gone viral because it seems a lot of kids and parents think the message is needed.

little league sign
Credit: Reddit/Evan Primakow

Do parents need to cool it at baseball fields in your hometown? If so, check this out.

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