Little Isla Is The First Asian-American To Be The New ‘Spokesbaby’ Gerber In Their Iconic Campaign!


Congratulations, Baby Isla!

Gerber has announced its newest “spokesbaby”: Isla of Troy, Michigan. The seven-month-old was the winner of Gerber’s sixth annual Baby Photo Search. Baby Isla beat out 170,000 entries to win the Grand Prize.

As winner, Isla’s parents will receive $50,000 and the opportunity to feature their baby in Gerber ads for 2016.

“Isla is always so happy, and we really think it showed in her winning photo. She’s got that same smile on her face every day. Plus her hair is so cute and crazy – it just adds to her adorable personality!” Isla’s mom, Rachael, said.

You can follow Isla’s adventure and Gerber’s spokesbaby online on Gerber’s Facebook and Instagram.






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