Lisa Frank Is Launching a Makeup Collaboration and Needs Your Help

It’s without a doubt that a lot of us moms were huge Lisa Frank fans back in the day. In fact, I can clearly remember owning several Lisa Frank folders and accessories during my middle school years. And let me tell you, they were a big deal. I mean, my stickers, pens and erasers along with my entire school supply list was full of rainbow colored oceans, dancing horses, colorful penguins and jumping orcas. Clearly, none of it made any sense but it didn’t matter to me. I had the cool factor and that’s all that mattered.

And now, I, along with so many other Lisa Frank-inspired moms my age can wear our seventh grade folder designs on our faces! That’s right, folks. A Lisa Frank makeup line is in our rainbow-hued future.

Lisa Frank
Credit: Glamour Dolls / Kickstarter

A makeup line made by our trapper keeper dreams!

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