Morbidly Obese 704lb Woman Makes Desperate Plea For Help

She was able to leave her home for the first time in years

It’s hard to ask for help and even harder when you are worried that you are never going to get the help you need or that you are beyond being helped. That’s what Lisa Fleming felt, until she found the strength and bravery to seek out the help she really needs. Lisa has struggled with her weight for as long as she could remember and as she sat in her bed at home she knew that if she wanted to live, it was now or never.

Morbidly obese, 49-year-old Lisa Fleming revealed that her lifelong battle with her weight started as a child, which she says was traumatic. Appearing on TLC’s reality TV series My 600lb Life, Lisa says that her life started as a “regular child” adding that her dad spoiled her, but her mother had a hard time showing affection. Instead of words, she says her mom would show her love by cooking foods, often unhealthy food.

However, she says that food was also used as punishment as well as affection when she was growing up and it contributed to her struggle today and her problematic and dangerous relationship with food and eating.

“I remember this one time, I asked for some cake and she wouldn’t give it to me,” she explained.

“I didn’t understand so I just stuck my finger in and rubbed all the icing off the cake,” Lisa Fleming said.

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