Lil Tay’s Videos Got Her Mom Fired From Her Real Estate Job

If You Don't Know Who Lil Tay Is, Consider Yourself Lucky

    Oh my, where do I even begin? You know that thing, when you find out someone exists, and you immediately wish for brain bleach to wipe your memory of their very name? You could have gone your whole entire life without knowing about it! In fact, you wish you could take back the six seconds of brain activity you devoted to even processing their name. You’ve experienced that, right? Well, I apologize in advance, because I’m about to put you through some stuff. Readers, allow me to introduce you to Lil Tay.

    Lil Tay is nine years old. She hails from Vancouver. She is, for lack of a better term, social media famous. And (forgive me because I am about to speak ill of a child), she is HORRIBLE. Just … wow. She got “famous” after she started posting highly inappropriate videos on her Instagram account. Videos of her 9-year-old little self “rapping”. Or traipsing around various expensive cars holding stacks of cash. She got some attention when she picked/got into a fight with Bhad Bhabie, the Cash Me Ousside girl. Do you hate me yet? I AM SORRY.

    Anywho, Lil Tay is ridiculous, but that doesn’t mean her social media content isn’t harmful. Just ask her own mother, who lost her job because of one of Tay’s videos. I really just don’t understand anything about this.

    The youths have such promise! And then along comes someone like Lil Tay.

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