Light Eating Out In Lynchburg, Nashville

IMG_7951-300x225 (1)Light Eating Out In Lynchburg, Nashville.

Just an hour or so south of Nashville, you’ll find the small town on Lynchburg. The reason it’s a place of note is that it’s most famous resident was Jack Daniels, and he chose to start his whiskey operation there. Home to the world famous whiskey’s distillery, it’s a great little small town with a neat historic attraction and adorable town square. So if you’re planning a visit, check out where and how to find healthy, vegan and special diet eats!

Obviously, the big draw to town is the Jack Daniels Distillery. On a beautiful piece of land, complete with a cavern and waterfall (the water from the aquifer is used in Jack!), it’s a super neat day trip. And don’t worry of you’re not a boozer as the distillery is located in a dry town so no drinky drinky o the tour! The tour is neat as it takes you to the spot where Jack’s temper lead to his untimely demise as well as through the entire whiskey making process. It’s quite interesting and a lot of fun. And depending on the time of year, the grounds have great places for a picnic so it might be a good idea to plan ahead and pack a fabulous meal to enjoy at the distillery.

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Carolyn Scott

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